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WalkTime Books creates and publishes children’s books and public health education resources for families and educators.


We use our books to meet people where they are and facilitate meaningful dialogue on physical activity, community health, and culture.​


Every reader walks into a world that empowers them to reimagine physical activity as an expression of their individuality, culture, and community.

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A Walk Through Memory Lane:

When a beloved grandmother has to move from her gentrifying neighborhood, a caring grandson uses physical activity to keep her memories alive.


In this loving tale, Elijah and his grandmother spend time together walking in Memory Lane, remembering precious moments of her life. 

Perfect for families with children who are working together as caregivers for a loved one living with Alzheimer’s Disease, this book centers meaningful dialogue on brain health, active living, and neighborhood place attachment themes. 

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The Walkers are a fun, dynamic family that engages in physical activity in meaningful ways.

Dr. Vanessa Walker, Elijah’s mom, is a public health professor who specializes in creating safe, healthy communities.


Captain Marcel Walker, Elijah’s dad, is always ready to lend a helping hand no matter the activity.


Skylar, Elijah’s older sister, likes to leave her mark on the basketball court and dreams of one day becoming a top sports analyst.


Grandma Rose, meanwhile, is living proof that physical activity is for folks from all walks of life.


The Walkers are excited to meet you and your family!


Promote the individual and social benefits of physical activity as

a positive lifestyle investment rather than limit its value to disease prevention.


Translate public health science into inclusive and accessible language for the public instead of jargon exclusive to an academic discipline or professional practice.


Center the strengths of communities and respect their valued time, voice, and lived experience through equitable partnership as opposed to passive engagement and performative activism.


Practice cultural responsiveness and prioritize positive representations of Blackness rather than reinforce historical and systemic shortcomings.

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Roger Isom Jr. MPH

Author Roger Isom is a public health professional trained in physical activity program design and evaluation from George Washington University. He is a doctoral student at the University of Maryland School of Public Health.

Roger believes that physical activity has far-reaching benefits beyond physical health concerns; that human movement yields positive benefits in all areas of health and well-being. He founded WalkTime Books to share this public health message authentically and visually through creative storytelling. 

His story ideas come from deep reflections of childhood memories and current events influenced by the Black culture, history, and politics of living in the region of Washington, DC.


Roger hopes WalkTime Books opens up a larger conversation about how we understand and express ourselves through physical activity. A Walk Through Memory Lane is his debut children’s book.

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